Childrens Sunglasses

We have now just taken into stock the latest ranges of childrens sunglasses from Julbo.

Julbo are the second largest sunwear brand in France, and in Europe, the protection of Childrens eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun is taken very seriously.

Many people from the UK go abroad with their children to hot and sunny resorts and give little thought to the protection that is required for their childrens eyes.We can now offer that protection, with sunglasses specially designed to fit all children starting from babies. the julbo looping frames are designed to be worn with a flat headstrap which holds them securely on the head, they have Spectron cat 4 Lenses which have a 5% light Transmission value making them safe for use in the brightest of conditions. The looping frame is also ergenomically designed so it can be worn either way up,meaning children have no problems putting it on themselves, and bright colours make it attractive and stylish.

Prices start from less than £21.00.

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